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Dr. Becky Wade

M.D., F.A.C.P.

Dr. Becky Wade received her Doctor of Medicine degree from Albany Medical College. She completed a residency in Internal Medicine with the UCLA-Oliveview Residency Program. Subsequently, she was a fellow in the UCLA Medical Center Kennamer Fellowship program in General Internal Medicine. She was awarded Fellowship with the American College of Physicians because of her commitment to lifelong education and her experience teaching Internal and Family Medicine Residents with Ventura County Medical Center and now with Community Memorial Hospital.  ​Dr. Wade has practiced in Ventura County since 2002. She is a founding partner of Internal Medicine of Ventura and is located in Camarillo. Dr. Wade has a special interest in Osteoporosis, Geriatrics, Diabetes and Women’s Health. She is a Certified Clinical Densitometrist with the International Society of Clinical Densitometry and remains active with the American College of Physicians. Dr. Wade enjoys her children and puppies during her off hours. You may find her hiking in the Conejo Valley, pulling her trailer to the beach, or building playhouses for community outreach in the parking lot of Monte Vista Presbyterian Church where she is a Congregant and Elder. ​Dr. Wade looks forward to meeting you!


Dr. Dana Jennings


Dr. Jennings was born and raised in Los Angeles. She earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science and worked with under-represented groups to affect meaningful political change. While an undergraduate, she studied at the University of Seville in Seville, Spain. Following University, she worked in breast cancer research at UCLA. Prior to medical school, Dr. Jennings spent a year in the Middle East where she worked with disenfranchised groups and learned about social and political issues affecting the region. Wanting to care for and educate individuals related to their own physical well-being, she shifted her focus to pursue a career in medicine. ​Dr. Jennings earned her medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine with an area of concentration in Women’s Health. She did her residency in Internal Medicine in the Primary Care Track at the University of Colorado Health Science Center. She is fluent in Spanish and has dedicated time to serving the underserved medical community both locally and abroad.  ​While in medical school, Dr. Jennings spent time in Cuba learning about Cuba’s health infrastructure and its use of complementary medicine to care well for the diverse population. Dr. Jennings is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician and is trained to manage complicated medical conditions including heart failure, diabetes, hypertension and asthma. Her patients range in age from 18-102 years old. The education and training of future physicians are important to Dr. Jennings. While in private practice in Colorado, Dr. Jennings was on the medical school admissions committee at the University of Colorado Health Science Center. Currently, Dr. Jennings teaches internal medicine resident doctors. Dr. Jennings is a founding partner of Internal Medicine of Ventura. Dr. Jennings lives in the community where she serves. In her free time, she enjoys her family, exercise, sunshine, reading and sharing meals with loved ones.

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Susan Renteria



Kathleen Moreau Smith

F.N.P. -C.

Susan Renteria was born in Minnesota, moving to California as a child, growing up in the Bay Area. She attended CSU Long Beach for her BSN, and completed her Family Nurse Practitioner studies at UCLA, graduating with a Masters of Science in 1999. She has a variety of experience as a NP, including emergency medicine, urgent care and family practice, in addition to working as a locum in Alaska.  Married and has 3 adult children, she loves to travel and enjoys all outdoor sports including skiing, swimming, biking and hiking. She also plays the oboe in local community bands.

Kathleen Moreau Smith is FNP board certified through the AACNP and has been a member of CANP, having received her BSN and MSN from UCLA. Her experiences as a Nurse Practitioner include internal medicine, nephrology, family medicine, emergency medicine and urgent care. She also practices per diem in Alaska, working in remote villages and Juneau Urgent Care. Kathleen joined Internal Medicine of Ventura in 2023 and enjoys treating patients of all ages, particularly learning the wisdom of life through the experiences of older patients.  She lives in Santa Paula with her husband and loves camping at the beach, traveling the world, bicycling, and hiking. Her favorite role is Nana to five amazing grandchildren. 

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