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As Your Kids Get Back To School, Remember Your Own Health Care

Best Healthcare Reminders From Internal Medicine Doctors Jennings & Wade

It’s back to school time. That often means parents focus all of their attention on their children. For good reason we defer our own wellness to that of our young ones —because they make their needs known! However, as adult medicine specialists, we remind you that your own health is equally important. We think of maintaining wellness something like a garden — to get the best results, our bodies require tending.

As we head back into the busy world of school, remember that your healthcare and its maintenance is not only important but it serves to teach our children, by example, about making time for self-care. Specifically, yearly physical exams and age-appropriate screening exams are important parts of caring well for ourselves. We remain here to advocate for your wellness and encourage your self-care.

Give us a call to schedule your appointment and review your recommended best practice recommendations as you care well for yourself in this busy time.

To your health!


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